Brittnee and Taylor – One Year Walkthrough #EastbrookJourney

Today, we join Brittnee and Taylor for their One Year Walkthrough as they discuss their experience building with Eastbrook Homes. Now that the couple has had time to settle in, they are able to reflect on their decision to build and the process that followed.

During the one-year walkthrough, Eastbrook Homes answers any questions and reviews any concerns new homeowners might have. As Brittnee mentions, the Eastbrook team has been reassuring and clear about warranty issues. The couple also comments that quality is a high priority at Eastbrook Homes, along with attention to detail and customer service.

Brittnee and Taylor love their new Eastbrook home and couldn’t be happier that they chose to build. The couple considers their home to be unique and special, and one year later they’re still experimenting with furniture placement and decorations.

For Brittnee and Taylor, their Eastbrook Journey allowed them to build the home of their dreams, and to give it their personal touches with the help of Eastbrook tools like the Home Creation Studio.

Eighteen months after starting the building process and one year after moving in, Brittnee and Taylor still love their new Eastbrook home. And, so do their kids. As Taylor says, “it’s still fun.”

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