Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Home DesignEastbrook is committed to creating energy efficient new homes for our customers.  Properly built, a new home with modern energy efficient materials and appliances can save you thousands of dollars in utilities each year, decreasing the cost of home ownership, and increasing home value.

Even with the best modern construction techniques, your home still contains hundreds of cracks and seams. These small leaks can amount to an opening of almost six square feet, equivalent to leaving a window open all year long. Most homeowners assume that standard fiberglass insulation will solve this problem. Unfortunately, while batt insulation does prevent passive heat transfer, it does not block air movement around and through the insulation, which can reduce its effectiveness by as much as 70%.

In accordance with the latest in building research, Eastbrook believes that preventing air leaks is the first step toward an energy efficient home.  Your new Eastbrook home incorporates numerous techniques and materials designed to deliver a home that is both comfortable and cost effective all year long.

Our E3 techniques combine to reduce your energy bill by as much as a third over many existing homes. This is just one of the many ways that building a new home with Eastbrook offers you more value for your money.

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